Reconnect, Sustainability, Beauty & Health, are the concepts that surround WHITETREE Lifestyle Store. With these concepts in mind, we have selected and brought in products from all around the world to our space.

From Organic Foods to Care Products for ladies, we provide a platform for overseas brands to connect their products to our local market. New items will be brought in every season, so there will always be something new for you.

We aim to bring in items that can benefit and brighten up your lifestyle at WHITETREE.

Japan Brand to Singapore

Here at WHITETREE, we sell a broad range of products. From our original wellness teas to lifestyle products hailing from Japan, WHITETREE aims to connect specialty products from our partners to their many users in Singapore.

Venturing into a foreign market is always challenging and overwhelming to business owners. WHITETREE provides consultations and a platform for business owners to test the market. We are always aiming to collaborate with brands that share our passion and beliefs.

Herbal Tea

Ingredients That Are Good for the Body

High quality raw ingredients that are sourced from various parts of the world. Each component of the herbal tea is carefully selected, and the herbs are cut to the precision of millimeters.

All raw ingredients used in the blends are USDA organic or JAS certified.

WHITETREE has spent years of effort in creating the best herbal blends for you to enjoy, while taking into account the synergistic effect that comes from blending certain types of herbs together as well as the overall taste.

Due to the complexity of the human body, each WHITETREE blend was made while considering numerous different aspects that are relevant to achieving a single purpose. For instance, to improve your skin condition, there are many important factors such as nutritional content, amount of vitamin C, as well as balancing female hormones to prevent skin problems caused by hormonal imbalance and reducing the size of pores physically.

We would like to bring to you a revolutionary idea that covers all these different aspects in one drink – WHITETREE Organic Herbal Tea.

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Work With Us

We here at WHITETREE are always looking for enthusiastic individuals who would like to gain experience working in a Japanese driven company.

We are always striving to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction whilst maintaining our professionalism and beauty standards.

Contact us for any inquiries, we hope to hear from you soon!