WHITETREE Tea Blending Workshop

Immerse yourself in the colorful world of herbs and have fun while learning something new!

Discover the unique health benefits of each herb and experiment with various organic herbs to create your own original concoction with its very own health benefits! Each herb has different properties and has a unique history of being used in different cultures. Hear from certified herbalists about not only about the power of herbs but also the effective methods of blending herbs together for a synergistic effect. This workshop is suitable for everyone, young and old.

Programme Rundown

– Brief introduction to the benefits of using herbs.
– Learn about the differences between herbs, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and western medicine.
– Experience the herbs through our different senses and enjoy WHITETREE blended herbal tea.
– Learn about the benefits of different herbs.
– Create an herbal blend based on your desired benefits using the herbs available.
– Bring home your very own unique herbal concoction to try.


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