WHITETREE’s Tea Blending Masterclass

As part of Wellness Festival Singapore, which presents a lineup of experiences that boost physical, emotional and mental wellbeing, WHITETREE was selected by the Singapore Tourism Board to host our Tea Blending Masterclass. At WHITETREE, we strongly advocate for improving the lives of every consumer alike, and our one-of-a-kind Tea Blending Masterclass offers an opportunity for individuals to discover the art of creating herbal tea blends and how they can support one’s wellbeing.

The Tea Blending Masterclass, led by our very own medical herbalist, introduced participants to a wide array of beneficial herbs, each with its unique set of properties and wellness benefits. The medical herbalist walked the participants through each explanation of the herbs such as rosehip, burdock, and chamomile, unveiling their potential in promoting immune health, supporting digestion, and fostering relaxation, respectively.

After the introduction, our medical herbalist guided participants through the process of formulating their own custom herbal blends. Starting off with a lifestyle assessment, participants were able to understand what herbs catered to their main needs and concerns, while allowing them to understand what herbs catered to their tastebuds.

Then, participants were taught the importance of ratio and parts, which empowered them to create harmonious tea compositions that catered to their specific needs. The masterclass emphasized the importance of balance, ensuring that each blend offered both delightful flavors and therapeutic benefits. Participants learned to infuse their tea blends with intention, addressing concerns such as stress relief, digestive support, and sleep enhancement.

Throughout the masterclass, participants embraced the spirit of experimentation and creativity. Armed with newfound knowledge, they blended various herbs and botanicals to discover unique flavor profiles and aromatic combinations and were able to bring home tea blends that they could uniquely call their own.


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