Exploring Lunar Beauty – Beauty Routine based on Phases of the Moon

The lunar rhythm is divided into four main cycles.

First Quarter

This is the best period to focus on moisturizing, repairing and taking care of damaged hair.

Second Quarter – Full Moon

The period with the highest absorption rate. It is a great time to take in what’s good for your body and mind.

Third Quarter

The ideal period for detoxing. Try to incorporate herbs and skincare products that have a detoxing effect.

Last Quarter-New Moon

The last quarter, New Moon, known as period zero, is the best time to try a diet or start something new.

The period from one new moon to the next is 29.5 days. Similarly, it takes an approximate of 28 days for a woman’s menstrual and skin to complete a full turnover cycle, almost overlapping perfectly with the moon cycle. the moon cycle, is a popular practice known as the Lunar Beauty.

The moon being closely related to the tides, influences both our bodies and minds. This rising and falling motion of the tide is mainly caused by the moon’s gravitational pull on the ocean, which affects us in a similar way since our bodies are made up of 60-70% water.

The cycle of the moon starts from the new moon quarter and transitions into the first quarter half moon to the full moon and shifts into the quarter half moon before finally returning to the new moon.Since the whole cycle takes 29.5 days, each phase can be approximately divided into 7 days.

By splitting the full cycle into two, we get the Active Phase and the Detoxification Phase .

The Active Phase , is the period from the New Moon to the Full Moon (New Moon > First Quarter Half Moon > Full Moon). During this phase, our body and skin are able to absorb nutrients and beauty ingredients more easily.

The Detoxification Phase is the period from the Full Moon to the New Moon (Full Moon > Last Quarter Half Moon > New Moon).

The last quarter of the Moon Cycle, New Moon is the perfect period to add new beauty products or update your skincare regime as the regenerating power of your skin and body is heightened. It is also part of the Detoxification Phase , making it a good time to start a diet or introduce a new massage regime.

The Detox Blend

One of our best selling, WHITETREE’S Detox blend is highly recommended during this phase of the moon cycle. A specially curated blend of 6 herbs including burdock root, dandelion root and peppermint which adds to the refreshing taste. These herbs are traditionally used to improve liver functions and support the detoxification of the body. Truly a well rounded blend for detoxifying the body!

The Second Quarter of the Moon Cycle, Full Moon, being part of the Active Phase , is the best period for your skin to absorb beauty ingredients as it maximizes the absorption of nutrients into the skin and body . The perfect time to use skincare with actives. However, keep in mind that this phase is also a time when mental health can easily become a little unstable.

During this phase, your hair’s ability to absorb nutrients is also at its peak! Truly the best time to book an appointment with a beauty salon to get a spa or hair treatment!

When it comes to specially formulated blends that targets the skin and calms the mind we have our two customer’s favorite blends, WHITETREE’s Beauty Blend and Calming blend , perfect for this phase of the moon cycle!

The Beauty Blend

The beautiful ruby-red beauty blend is a blend of 10 herbs consisting of rose, hibiscus and rosehip which are great at balancing female hormones and improving skin tone. The herbs used are high in vitamin C and have a sweet and tart taste profile.

tea, teacup, cup-1756505.jpg

Calming Blend

This blend contains high amounts of subtly fragrant chamomile, which is said to reduce stress, mental fatigue and ease the gastrointestinal tract. It also contains oats, a Japanese herb known as a nerve tonic herb. The calming blend has a gentle and floral taste profile that heals the mind and body.

Concluding thoughts

The Lunar Beauty practice has actually been around since 100 years ago, by adapting it into your lifestyle in the present day, you will get much better results than compared to a normal routine, so do try it out!


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